Katie Greenman




About Katie Greenman

As a member of the Investment Team, Katie assists clients in the purchase and sale of residential investment properties in the greater San Antonio area. Katie’s interest in buying her own investment property is what led her to get her real estate license. She learned firsthand the dangers involved when working with an agent who doesn’t have the property knowledge and experience to assist in making investment decisions. She joined the investment team to help other investors from learning this lesson the hard way. Katie is also an Energy efficient & ENERGY STAR Certified GREEN home Specialist, and is interested in exploring how green features can be used to enhance investment outcomes.

Katie works with clients seeking the following investment strategies and property types:

·         Short-term rentals (STR)

·         Traditional or Long-term rentals (LTR)

·         Single family homes

·         Small multifamily homes from 2-25 units

·         Land